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Our Hillel supports over 100 Jewish students on on San Antonio campuses. Through student leadership boards, engagement interns, and student-led groups, Hillel provides opportunities to experience Jewish life on campus. 

We are excited to welcome your student to campus and are just as thrilled to welcome you to a network of Hillel parents. You, too, are a part of our Jewish campus communities. Please use us as a resource for questions, concerns, and more. 


This newly-formed network of Jewish San Antonio alumni is involved in educational, social and professional activities including regional gatherings, recruitment initiatives and support for activities on campus.

Stay informed about all of the new and exciting opportunities through the Alumni Association, as well as some others you may have even been involved in when you were on campus, by providing us with your updated contact information below.


San Antonio is also home to a welcoming, family oriented and committed Jewish community of over 9,000. Along with the Jewish Federation, San Antonio houses a number of Jewish affiliated community, family and senior service centers, as well as many temples, synagogues, schools, and programs for Jewish teens and college students. Federation offers a variety of ways to get involved and can also help connect you to the greater community.

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